PSordid is a five-piece groove metal band from South Africa. We are currently on the hunt for a new vocalist, so we temporarily find ourselves as a four-piece ensemble.

Lyrical content tends to deal with the human condition, particularly around the distorted view that we hold of ourselves. We explore matters of Faith and the effects of our own choices on the life we live.

PSordid is:
Damian Buys – Lead Guitar
Sven Anderson – Rhythm Guitar
Tim Botes – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Dave Dippenaar – Drums

A brief history

The band was formed on 18 October 2003 by Marc Dehning on vocals and guitar, and Dave Dippenaar on drums, under tha name Module 69. Thomasz Sobolewksi joined on lead guitar in November of that year, and during January 2014 Mario Schutte joined on bass guitar.

In May 2004, Thomasz left and by June 2004 Barend Chamberlain joined on lead guitar. During mid to late 2004, Freek Hubers joined on rhythm guitar, with Marc focusing only on vocals. The band performed their first show in August that year.

Freek left the band in January 2005 to focus on studies. To better represent the lyrical content of the songs, the band renamed to PSordid shortly after. During March 2006, Marc and Mario quit the band due to musical differences. By this time, Barend, Tim and Gavin had recruited Dave for a new musical project that hadn’t yet been named. The newly formed band thus decided to take over the PSordid moniker, re-use and update old songs, and create new material. The band thus relocated from Johannesburg to Pretoria. At this time:

Barend moved to vocals.
Gavin Chadwick became lead guitarist.
Tim Botes became the bassist.
Dave stayed on as drummer.

Freek Huberts passed away in a car crash in 2007.

During November 2008, Dave quit the band due to personal reasons. Rodney Emerson-Cousins joined the band. In May 2009, the band split up, mostly due to management difficulties.

November 2014, Dave and Tim regrouped the band and convinced Barend and Gavin to join forces once more.

On June 26, 2016 Damian Buys joined as second guitarist as an experiment to the band’s lineup. He just never left…

In January 2017, Gavin departed Psordid due to creative differences.

Sven Anderson joined in the same month as rhythm guitarist.

In the early months of 2018, Barend regrettably had to move on from his time on the stage to focus on other pursuits. PSordid is currently on the journey to find a replacement.