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…do you really need all that gear?

As the kids like to say, I am hashtag-blessed. I am fortunate enough to own a massive array of music equipment- and not just bargain basement gear. I own several Japanese Ibanez guitars & basses, three top-shelf valve amplifiers, and some truly phenomenal speaker cabinets. To get the obvious our of the way- no, of […]

“Conventional” Gear Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is valuable because, as a metal band, time is valuable. We don’t really get much money from gigging- it’s a labour of love, which means we all have dayjobs. Our spare time is at a premium, and it’s terribly easy to sink a lot of time and money into finding sounds, methods, and […]

REVIEW: The Victory VX Kraken

Brutality, Convenience, Simplicity Our conveniently-sized guitarist reviews a conveniently-sized amp from the tone maestros at Victory Amplification. Spoiler- they’re both are a bit mad & noisy. “If I had any reservations about you getting a new amp… they were smashed this evening.” Barend Chamberlain – our damn vocalist   It’s true- when a band’s been […]

OPINION: Tone & Modern Metal

Recently, I purchased an Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection reissue in timelessly understated Desert Yellow. I bought it for it’s flamboyant looks and floating trem, but the beautiful banana of a guitar ended up changing how I think about pickup selection and amp EQ in modern metal.